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Jamzus Goffler

Sheesh. What a weekend.

It started (sort of) Thursday night, when I stayed up 'til like 5:00AM on Friday morning, chillin' in the art building, doing no work but hanging/chatting with Brad Evans (working on a piece for a show) and Matt Kleinberg (workign on pieces for BFA review). I woke on Friday, went to class, and thereafter began preparing myself for the show we were to play that night with the Whole Sick Crew, Fake Brain, and the Frogs.

Let me tell you something: I've said things about our shows, and even moreso about my solo shows, that were along the lines of "if you missed it, you're a sucker." That's about the understatement of a lifetime regarding this show. It was not only pretty easily the best show we've ever played personally, I'd put it well within my Top 10 shows attended of all time, possibly in the Top 5 even. It was incredible, lemme tell you. Well, I really CAN'T tell you, especially in this sort of medium. However, I can mention that such factors as the lineup of the show, the nearly unprecedented turnout (Dan Thompson showed up, for Christ's sake), the fact that we (Ron and I) got to sing with the Frogs, the excellence of Fake Brain, the acquisition of new fans and friends, the begged-for encore to our set (not the first time it's happened, either) the television taping of our set and subsequent parking lot interview, and really just the vibe of the entire thing, rocked. Sucks to those bozos who went to see fucking Big Blue Monkey or some crap like that instead.

Yes, and this weekend largely helped me forget about how I'm unemployed; that is, Ron and I also lost our jobs last Monday. It was rather devastating at first, and if I think too much about it, it still is a little bit, but whatever. I'll find something else. I'm holding my head up high without blowing my brains out. I'll be all right. I hope.

Then Saturday I slept 'til 04:30PM, not having gone to bed 'til 05:15AM, cuz we hung out with Beth Dill (of the Whole Sick Crew) and the members of Fake Brain for some time. I woke up to a phone call from Ron, inquiring about the "wandering minstrel" art shows we were to play that night. After getting off the phone with him, I listened to a message left by Jaffa around quarter past noon, wherein she told me of an art show she herself was in, on campus, that ended at 06:00PM. I rushed to get ready, and made it very late (about ten 'til six), but still got there in plenty of time to see what I'd have come to see anyway; Jaffa's work, Emily's work, and Brett's work. Jaffa and Emily and I went to the darkroom after it was over, cuz I was killin' time before I was to meet Ron. Then I left them and met Ron and we went down to the shows, and they were all pretty neat, I think. If you're into specifics (God knows hardly anyone'll read closely enough to see this anyway), just ask. I saw Mike Allen, whom I'd not seen in forever, and Mike Benker also asked me about the Conformists/Shellac show comin' up (if I wanted tickets). I saw a friggin' slew of other folks that I see either frequently or rarely, and it rather nice all in all. Then I went to see the Fantasy four at Lemmon's, making it just in time to do so (11:05PM or so), then a band from Murphysboro, TN called The Flesh Machine played, and they were extremely nice guys, and rather polished, though the music wasn't my type, really. I then went to Aaron Crozier's house for a party and he hooked me up with an official copy of Liontown and some family portraits of himself with Matt Sinopole and the other, non-Ryan Samul roommate of theirs. They were pretty ridiculous, and of course, hilarious. I passed out there after a bloody mary (courtesy of Ryan Samul) and a coupla beers (courtesy of the keg--yuck anyhow). I awoke after a few hours of sleep and came back here, prepared to attend Hannah's play and Pubes practice, then I wasn't sure if the Bangs and Crimson Sweet played Lemmon's tonight or not, but I wanted to see 'em, and in any case, I went to the Tivoli to see The Château, which was pretty excellent.

I reckon that's all for now. I tried to make it short, but obviously, I failed miserably. WhateveR.

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