RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
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Mike Benker put out a MySpace bulletin several days ago seeking local acts to open for The Conformists and IFIHADAHIFI. I looked up IFIHADAHIFI and liked the video I watched, and was also otherwise sorta like "okay!" but he sounded like he probably had something else (I told him I didn't have a draw or think I was a particularly good match for the show with my pop songs poorly-performed using too many instruments), but then he was like, the show is yours if'n ye want it!

Anyway so I have some last-minute show this Friday evening at the Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center. It's probably $5 and starts probably around 9:00PM. I'm performing second, I think. I have a sweet new recitatif about some events that occurred earlier this week, and maybe a few new surprises, and probably plenty of old non-surprises. Maybe I will rap again, that was a pretty good time the other week at LNAC!
Tags: concerts, googolplexia, music, the conformists, the lemp neighborhood arts center

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