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I rode my bike/took the train to Atomic Cowboy last night to see the Trigger 5 release show, ran into TY CRAFT there YA KNOW!? It was nice to see him, it has been too long, I hope that we hang out sometime. He got married around the same time as Matt Smith (earlier this spring/summer) and his wife was there, too. He told me Bob and Tara (Sullivan) are expecting a baby girl, dang! Sara(h?) Tupper told me Alex and she were coming up on 12 years together. Alex's High School drama teacher was at the show and I vaguely remembered her from that ITS trip to Fulton (I maintain it was at Westminster College, but Sara[h] thought it was William Woods...HMMM!).

Then later on the train-ride home some dudes were taking a picture of me and I posed for it, I think they were a little shocked but seemed to be into it.

Man, I have been failing the ol' LJ for awhile here. I have been playing shows, I hit a triple-feature at Keller 8 on Thursday (X-Men Origins: Wolverine>>Star Trek>>Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian--a fourth part, an eleventh part, and a second part of a series, respectively; the first two of which were prequels) on a whim (all of 'em were tight), I've been biking to and fro (about to bike to ToGro for the big end-of-season Squidball bash), I've been Squidding (Squidball is sorta ending its summer session and Squidfall is sorta coming together; Squidbowl ended Wednesday and our new league starts in a few weeks), geocaching, playing Heroes Of Might & Magic III, jetting to Texas for my sister's wedding, neglecting the DVDs I checked out from the library (and racking up fines accordingly), reading, taking the train when possible (gotta make the most of this August Metro-pass I got through work, don'tchyaknow), partying, staying up late, sleeping in, getting up early, filing for unemployment (which seems like a full-time job sometimes--wocka wocka!), talking to old friends on the telephone, listening to Persistence Of Time--you know, the usual unemployed-man stuff.

Things I have NOT been doing but should: Cleaning up/finishing 48HFPs from years past, editing Toof Hurty, exercising, traveling.

Paul and I went geocaching two days in a row while he was in town and we found basically all of the geocaches in U-City one day, then basically all of the geocaches in downtown St. Louis the next. We also picked some wild mushrooms, something he has recently taken an interest in. Some of 'em are pretty DURN GOOD.

I spoke with Lise Johnson on the phone the other day (385 state-to-state minutes on my calling card translated to 14 Missouri-to-Belgium minutes, hah hah--luckily she offered immediately to call me back, because also that connection was terrible. That half-minute phone call cost me about 35 minutes in state-to-state calls), she is coming through town with her mother and boyfriend/husband(?) in late September on her way to Boulder, Colorado, where she is moving. For awhile at least...that Lise always seemed pretty nomadic. Man if we got Lise to go to some Squidgame that would be the tops, ask 1996 me if 2009 me seems like a possible outcome, he'll say no in many cases.

I have a stack of some 35 CDs next to my computer of stuff I need to import/acquaint myself with, much of it still has the wrapper on and has never seen the inside of a CD player. Much of it is local stuff, much of it is not. Gladys Knight & The Pips, The Ottomen, The Humanoids, Amo Joy, Lyle Lovett And His Large Band, One Happy Island, Woodbox Gang, FANTASTY FOUR (YES I FINALLY GOT THE 18 UNRELEASED RECORDINGS AND SOMEHOW I HAVEN'T LISTENED TO THEM YET), X, Ween, AC/DC, The Hunger Artist (NKA Humdrum), some compilation of '60s Pop Hits I won at a Trivia Night, Samuel Locke Ward, Miracles Of God, Music For Smart People, Rats & People, Tom Waits, Bad Folk, Tenement Ruth, Resoldered, heck even that "Stoked" CD I got at Carrie's wedding back in November of last year. And now, to add to all that, the Trigger 5's Heartbreak And Regret. They played the album start to finish last night, and it is soundin' SOLID.

WELLP time to get to ToGro for the pizza-kegger-park-party! Maybe afterward I will stop by Maggie's chapbook shop AND/OR that Apop Records/Binge&Purge concert/party-b-q.
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