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Julying As Man

Oh my a grand weekend awaits!

I am going to get new glasses tonight. They will be IN ADDITION to my current ones, and actually pretty similar to them, so DON'T YOU WORRY.

Then I may do some preparation for Sunday's barbecue/party/concert at my house (which you should attend), and/or some TV-watching.

At most, I'll go see DEAD GIRL at the Tivoli at midnight, but I have to wake up somewhat early tomorrow, to let in the exterminator, hopefully to do a few more around-the-house chores, and most importantly to go to CAVEMAN BARBECUE! I have been waiting for this day since last year when Beth first posted that entry. I think Shannon and Ann are going too. After it's over, I know about a birthday party at the Skatium, a show at Iron Barley, a show at Lemmons, and of course DEAD GIRL is showing then, too, but it all depends on how tired I am or how much preparation I feel like I still need to do for Sunday.

Sunday is the barbecue/party/concert at my house/in my garage, come on over anytime after 3PM and we will be grilling, et cetera. BYOG&D (Grillables & Drinkables), I will also have some stuff there for everyone/anyone. Bring a dollar or two or five for the touring band and/or to help pay for whatever grillables and drinkables I provide for the community purpose. Music should start around 5PM and should be tight, The Climax and Cocktease McKenzie are performing. Well, Dan's only performing if he completes his Squid-Ball.com review by then...just kidding. OR AM I? No, I'm not. Or maybe I am. Psych! PSYCH ON THAT PSYCH! Crap you don't know what to believe anymore, do you?

I finally finished a book that I had been reading off and on since February, today. The thing was super-interesting and only like 205 pages, man I am really out of the reading loop. I should start taking the train to work again. I am getting a little reading done during workouts, of which I did four this week. Only in the last two weeks or so have I re-started the ol' "3-5 workouts per week" regimen.
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