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Sonic Youth @ Live On The Levee In St. Louis, Missouri; 07/17/09

  1. No Way
  2. Sacred Trickster
  3. Calming The Snake
  4. Stereo Sanctity
  5. Walkin Blue
  6. Poison Arrow
  7. Malibu Gas Station
  8. What We Know
  9. Antenna
  10. Leaky Lifeboat (For Gregory Corso)
  11. Hey Joni
  12. Anti-Orgasm
  13. Massage The History

  14. The Sprawl
  15. 'Cross the Breeze

  16. Shadow of a Doubt
  17. Death Valley '69

I did get video of "Anti-Orgasm" and "Death Valley '69," and after this latter was done I just kept it rolling on the fireworks until the video was 10 minutes long, so that'll make a sweet addition to YouTube at some point.
Tags: concerts, fireworks, music, setlist, sonic youth, the arch

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