RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Chuckberry, Thebreeders, Dinosaurjr, Tmbg, Sonicyouth

By and large, this is a re-post from E-Mail and MySpace so FEAST YER EYES ON'R!

FIRST: I'm gettin' outta work early tomorrow, goin' to Blueberry Hill to pick up those tickets for the Chuck Berry concert of Wednesday, August 12th, 2009.

I will have legions with me to enable us to get multiple tickets. So far we have a group of NINE going.

This is your last chance. Get a hold of me before 2:00PM (call, E-Mail, comment here, et cetera) on Friday if you are interested in joining us for the Chuck Berry Amazing Fun Hour. I can front the cash, but I gots ta know you will pay me back! THIRTY BUCKS, a small price to pay for any amount of time spent with the Father of Rock 'n' Roll.

SECOND: I'm then sashaying down the boulevard to the Pageant in order to purchase some tickets for They Might Be Giants (Friday, 10/09/09) and Dinosaur Jr (Wednesday, 10/14/09). If you want me to pick some up, again, I can front the cash if you wanna save some service fees and you promise to pay me back promptly.

THIRD: Heckfire, I tell ya what, even though I already have mine, I will get a Breeders ticket (Friday 08/07/09) for you while I'm at Blueberry Hill. I hate service fees so much, and like YOU so much, that I'm willing to front the cash, if you promise to pay me back promptly.

FOURTH: If you're goin' to Sonic Youth tomorrow, meet up at my house beforehand (5:30PM? 6PM?) for some drinks prior to the carpool/caravan/group Metrolink down to the Archgrounds. RSVP or just get to Pancake Productions Headquarters, duh.
Tags: blueberry hill's duck room, chuck berry, concerts, dinosaur jr, music, myspace, sonic youth, the breeders, the pageant, they might be giants, ticket

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