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Triple-B Pancakes (Quintuple-B If You Want)

Back in March, I had taped an episode of the popular web-u-net TV show Vegetarian Librarian with my good friends Jason & Kelly.

NOW the episode is complete and available for all to see! The triumphant return to the second season of V.L. Waste no time in seeing me divulge all my greatest secrets of pancakery:

Indeed it is part cooking show, part tourism video. It was the first episode they did outside of the Chicagoland area. TRAVELOGUE!

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! Be sure to peep this super-special supplemental video. I'd hate to find out that anyone used Aunt Jemima or Log Cabin or Mrs. Butterworth or any other (clearly inferior, as they all are) "brand" of maple syrup on my beloved pancakes recipe. Those are for the birds! This is what you gotta do (it's SUPER-easy):

Tell yer friends, make some pancakes, et cetera! Most importantly, ENJOY!

(Meat-eaters'/Booze-drinkers' note: Now I usually make QUINTUPLE-B pancakes with bacon and bourbon in addition to what is featured in the video!)

My personal favorite split-second is the face I make after the story about getting the pumpkin from Soulard Market.

(Mostly re-posted from a MySpace bulletin.)
Tags: funny, i'm awesome, pancakemaster, pancakes, st. louis, vegetarian librarian, video

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