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Discussion: Moe-Nay!

How much money do you think you'd have to win/inherit/come into/steal without repercussion/have in order to live the rest of your life without having to work?

I guess what I'm trying to do is establish a standard for this, which is probably impossible, given how differently different people live their lives.

Some people might win $300K and blow it in two hours, another person might be able to invest wisely and make that last for the rest of his life without having to work.

I guess my question is, given wise investment and "reasonable" spending habits (nothing EXTRAVAGANT, maybe a few trips a year or something--somewhere between "comfortable" and "extravagant" I guess), how much would you have to win (assuming you won it right now) to live the rest of your life on it?

Tags: money, poll, questions

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