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Jusqu'à Maintenant

Up 'til now, my userinfo page biography and interests list have been as follows (respectively):

Mini-Biography, nothin'. If you wanna know about me, you'd do best to do engage in one of the following three actions:

1)IM me on AIM (I can usually be found there between 10:00PM and 4:00AM)

2)E-Mail me

3)Read my LiveJournal (well, duh!)

4)Well, since the "interests list" doesn't allow for more than a certain number of interests to be listed (even though in the edit page, it says "list below everything you're interested in"), and I have surpassed that number by something of a handful, here are the remaining interests that you won't see below (resulting from no fault of mine, mind you). Why they chose to leave these particular interests off, and in this order, no less, is beyond me. Granted, they aren't links, but there are other ways of finding other people that share these interests, if you care that much. Besides, this way, I can use the proper Carolingian miniscule, or for that matter, all the danged Carolingian miniscule that I want!:

Rob Reiner, Smokey Robinson, Aye, Webster University, Loserism, Indeed, R2-D2, Sentimentality, Mr. Nutty, Scandinavian Languages, Online Pirating, Eugene Ionesco, Three Sevens, Lonerism, Bruxelles, Cheap Gasoline, Robert Zemeckis, Greenland, The Skeptopotamus, Strikethrough, Danish, Tic Tac Toe, Tic Tac

...That is all.

Interests: 150: accordion, adam sandler, air, alfred hitchcock, alice in chains, andy kaufman, animation, art, art history, authors, autographs, ayn rand, bass guitar, beatles, beck, bill murray, billiards, bl'aye, black & white, bob dylan, books, bowling, breakfast, cameras, candy, cartoons, cat stevens, chess, chicago, cinema, clocks, color, colors, comedy, comics, computers, creativity, danny elfman, darts, denmark, dinosaur jr, donuts, drama, dusty springfield, dvds, elton john, elvis presley, emotions, english, europe, film, fonts, food, french, futurama, games, guitar, harmonica, harry belafonte, hello, jelly belly, joseph heller, kevin smith, kurt vonnegut, lameness, language, lewis carroll, lists, literature, london, mark mothersbaugh, math, mel brooks, memories, monopoly, movies, music, musical theatre, mystery science theatre 3000, mythology, names, neil diamond, nostalgia, oldies, organic chemistry, oscar wilde, pancakes, paperclips, photographs, photography, piano, pirates, pirating, pizza, planets, playing cards, poetry, poets, pokey the penguin, postcards, primus, psychology, r.e.m, rain, ray bradbury, reading, san francisco, sarcasm, scandinavia, seattle, shakespeare, shoes, simon & garfunkel, snow, squids, stage, stanley kubrick, statistics, steven spielberg, storms, sunlight, television, the frogs, the moon, the onion, the simpsons, the sky, the who, theatre, they might be giants, thunderstorms, tim burton, tom waits, tori amos, toys, travel, trivia, trivial pursuit, ukulele, unpopularity, video games, vision, volvo, watches, weird al yankovic, wesley willis, woody allen, words, writers, writing

I plan on changing these very soon. Maybe right now!

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