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Album Shufflin'--That Funky Shufflin'

I did mention a few weeks ago that I'd been listening to music using the "Album Shuffle" function of the Apple iPod, which has continued to this day indeed, and will not likely let up soon. Granted it's not a completely random shuffle (by album) of my entire collection, but whenever I want to add (or remove, but I haven't done that yet) something to the mix, I just toss it on the playlist, and then it's one of the albums that gets shuffled in.

One interesting thing about "Album Shuffle" is that, if you have more than one album by the same title, the iPod sort of thinks that it's all the same album (even if it is clearly able to differentiate separate artists). Luckily, this doesn't happen so much (ever, so far) with albums where it's really important to listen to all the tracks in a row (hence the reason for Album Shuffle in the first place, ostensibly), but more with compilation-style albums that have titles like "Greatest Hits" or "The Definitive Collection" or "Gold [Disc 2]" or whatever. I'm trying to think right now, and the only non-compilations in my collection that I can immediately call to mind are Jesse Irwin's and Nazareth's Hair Of The Dog.

SO in the current playlist, I have the Greatest Hits albums of Del Shannon, Pat Benatar, Ricky Nelson, and The Band--all called, simply, "Greatest Hits"--so whenever I hear the opening strains of "Runaway" I know that I'm in for a sort of collated version of these four compilations. Each album's first track will play in succession, in what I believe is alphabetical order by artist name (The Band being categorized as a "T" rather than a "B," and all solo artists being ordered by first name rather than last), then each album's second track, and so on.

At first only Del and Pat were in the playlist, but then I tossed in Ricky Nelson and later still The Band, not realizing that they'd be thrown into the "Greatest Hits" mix (so when I first heard Ricky Nelson follow Pat Benatar, rather than it going back to Del Shannon, I was a little surprised). I wonder for what other artists in my collection I have an album entitled simply "Greatest Hits."
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