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Crow Bowl

My Bowling Self, not to be outdone by my Darts Self of the previous night, felt the need to bowl his best game ever last night: a 198. My last roll hit nothing and left 4 or 5 pins standing. I had 5 strikes in a row and a few others overall. It was mighty impressive, but boy how I long to bust that 200 mark wide open!

It was also the best game played by anyone on our lanes all night (among 7 people, one of whom consistently bowls above 200). HOWEVER of course my third game was the WORST game played by anyone on our lanes all night, and indeed the only sub-100 game. Pretty WEAK! That's BOWLIN' for ya I guess. 155-198-92. Hyuck! At least it's above average. Eric Von Damage had the best average of the night with a one-sixty-somethin'. Overall we trounced that other team though (and they are cool dudes), and I played almost all of the songs from The Big Lebowski soundtrack on the jukebox.

Then as I was leaving, Jimmy (the owner) told me that some tall blonde gal of average build had been in at Saratoga the previous night claiming she was bowling with me this summer when he tried to encourage her to sign up for a league. Well this is both NEWS and A MYSTERY to me, because we only have one gal bowling with us, and it's Karen, and she doesn't have blonde hair by even the most marginal standard. So either someone was talking about another Robert, OR mistaken about bowling with me this summer, OR Jimmy is just plain CRAZY! OR PERHAPS THAT IS ME, THE CRAZY ONE

Non, non non non, pas le bifteck

This weekend is nigh upon guaranteed to wail PRETTY HARD almost no matter what happens.
Tags: bowling, mystery, saratoga lanes, weekend

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