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Who Darted?

I played the best game of 501 of my life, and perhaps the best game of darts in general of my life, last night. I don't know how many of you even know the rules to 501 (in a quick sentence, you start with 501 points and you have to be the first to work your way to zero, but you have to hit zero by an exact count, and the last throw you make to win must be a double), but my opening throw was a 120, I also had a 98 and a 128 in there. I was at 152 points, and I threw the 128, so I had 24 left--basically I had to get a double 12 to win. First dart I threw on the next turn was the double 12, and I won the game in like a total of eight throws. Incredible! I think I have this darts thing figured out. It was the third game of a best-two-of-three singles match, for the win. We only lost one game out of 9 last night.

We will probably have four bowlers tonight, and for the rest of the season (which ends next week), which is a bit of an "it's about time." Unfortunately both Eric and I will probably miss the first two weeks of our new season of bowling that starts on the 20th. I'll probably pre-bowl for my games, but I may see if Tony or CoolHand (or any of you) wants to SquidBowl during that time to take Von Damage's place.

I am apprehensive about this Saturday night bike ride. I am going to be in a lot of pain for a few days as a result of it, of this I am pretty sure. I guess it's one of the weaker/shorter rides of the year that the FBC does, but I am no biker, nor have I been for many a year, nor do I have time to get into ship-shape before the event. YEEKS!

To answer my own question, yes there's a bike rack right in front of Blueberry Hill's main entrance. I stopped at Tar-jhay and got a U-Bar and cable lock for my future-bike (and I guess for my present-bike, too) on the way home, as well as a new bell for good measure (my old bell was stupidly-designed, my new one has a sticker on it that says "I [HEART SYMBOL] MY MOM").
Tags: bicycle, blueberry hill, bowling, darts, eric von damage, i'm apprehensive

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