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The Half-Life Of My Life Is: No Life At All

Yes it's work time and then it's time for Incahoots and later than that some other whatevery. HEY I'm looking for fishman find him for me The Whole Sick Crew has been added to the bill for the Frogs/Fake Brain/Mustardfish show, and they really fuckin' rock balls, so that's gonna be a show NOT TO MISS. I've hit a sort of dilemma regarding the Pubes show on October 16th; that falls during fall break, which I had intended to spend with Al in New Orleans, but A)I REALLY REALLY wanna play that show, B)There's other shit happenin' in town that week that I'd totally miss by going to New Orleans, C)I already know I'll have some shit-load of work to do that week due the following week, D)I really should put in more hours than I'm doing now. I mean, if I worked every day that I was otherwise normally scheduled for, instead of taking so many days off for this or that, I'd be on the right track (30 hours a week). Rest assured though, if it isn't work, it's some other bull.

So my McDonald's glasses came in the mail the other day, and three of sixteen were broken, which isn't too bad in my book, but unfortunately, A)They were broken well beyond repair, and B)Two of them were the ONLY Captain Crook glasses in the set. Luckily, there are many E-Bay auctions that have fewer glasses; I'm sure if I really wanted to I could pick and choose which glasses I didn't have that I wanted from various auctions.

Also the new Mustardfish CDs have been made and the new pins are in, so get 'em while you can. We'll be playing one of our "Wandering Minstrel" art show shows on the 28th, the day after our show with the Frogs, at some place in the loft district for the show known as "The Talent Show." Have I told all this already?

I need to get a present for Aaron. It's also Stephanie's birthday and I guess that warrants some present, too and furthermore, it's Matt Ressler's birthday comin' up, so I'm lookin' to get him somethin' as well.

Coire and Lynn are in town, I saw 'em the other day and again last night at a party at Lindsay Becker's house. I left that party to see Flesh Gordon at the Tivoli at midnight, and it was ridiculous and stupid and pretty hilarious. Worth seeing once.

This is BYE time.


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