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My Curiosity Runnin' Wild

'Twas over four years ago I last saw Chuck Berry. I reckon there is that aspect of "it is something to do before he, or you, dies"--he did invent rock 'n' roll (not singlehandedly, of course, but at least as much as anyone, and more than most), after all. I have already seen him once, though; I am just some Chuck Berry fan YA KNOW? Even if I wasn't a fan of the music, he is an interesting character--scandals and all aside (or perhaps not), he always seemed/seems to do stuff on his own terms, not-givin'-a-crap-style. It is crazy to me that the dude toured the country in the '70s and '80s just solo-style in his Cadillac or whatever, just relying on local bands to back him up at each stop.

I am going next month, too, if anyone's interested (or even if they're not). Tickets go on sale this Friday at 5PM and I'll probably go snag 'em after work.
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