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My Aim Is True?

Man I just listened to that Elvis Costello song "Alison" and I feel pretty confident that I have never heard it before in my life, or at least never recognizably so. That is, I couldn't have even guessed at its tempo or any lyrical hooks or anything stylistic about it if asked to, but sure, maybe it was in some movie(s) I've seen or something.

I skipped darts last night in spite of my intentions. It seems like I will let any one small thing convince me to skip darts. I can talk myself into it all day, and then let something like "figuring out my taxes" (truly a 15-minute job or so) deter me from going to darts. It's not that I don't like it, cuz really I enjoy playing darts, and all the people on the league are great, but:

*It's smoky at Blueberry Hill
*It lasts all gosh-dang night (starting at 7:30PM and ending anywhere between 10:00PM and 1:00AM)
*Tuesday and Thursday are usually drinking nights so I don't feel like drinking (physically or financially) on Wednesdays
*I just have a ton of other junk to do
*Tuesday and Thursday are also "hang out in smoky joint" nights, so it's nice to have a night off of that in between, especially since 3 of my 4 regular teammates smoke
*There are enough people on my team without me
*I've gotten used to going late or not at all

I felt especially bad because Karen said she was going and I just basically flaked 100%. I am not usually such a flake as it seems like I've been for several months now. Well, darts is almost over I guess. I will have to seriously think twice about doing it again soon. Certainly I'll hold off for the duration of the Squidball season (Darts will end approximately when Wednesday bowling starts, there might even be some overlap?).
Tags: blueberry hill, darts, i'm lazy, smoking, song

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