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Forty-Eight Aitch Eff Pee

All righty then, I went ahead and registered a Pancake Productions 48 Hour Film Project team. I think I E-Mailed most everyone that I thought would be interested (but probably didn't); however, if anyone in LJ-world that didn't get that E-Mail is interested in helping out, it's June 5th-7th.

The last coupla weeks in short: worked a craft show, played one of the worst Mustardfish shows yet, went to the Blues game, went to a foosball tournament, saw an amazing sketch comedy show of sorts, did lots of walking, Fish Frys every Friday (now over), barbecue at work, Squidfesten MMIX, watched Leprechaun and drank vodka tonics with Switchblade, went to the Silver Leaf for the first time, got the Bluefin Tuna back, bowled crappily, tried that ice cream place at Grand & Arsenal, played one of the best Mustardfish shows yet, spread the word about jenkem, another Squidball practice, slept too much, helped Beastor-X record the Shitty Friends, got rained out on our first Squidball game of the season, got back into the workout groove, registered for the 48 Hour Film Project.

"There've been good times. There've been bad times."
Tags: 48 hour film project, pancake productions

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