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Tenks Ranbin

In the near future, I plan to update my interests list, as some others have recently done. It's an idea I've had for awhile, but it seems whenever I glance at my interests list, it still pretty much holds true. I haven't scoured it to make sure, though. We'll find out soon. Or whenever. Rest assured I'll post the old one here when I make the new one, for posterity's sake.

Today I practiced with the Pubes for the first time. It was solid. Peat didn't show up as intended, but Maysam and Mario were enough to show me the songs and whatnot. It's like being in Fruition again, only this time it's fun. We're supposed to play a show on October 16th with the Fantasy Four (yippee!) at the Way Out Club.

As for Mustardfish, besides that gig with the Frogs (Creepy Crawl, September 27th, Friday), we've got in the near and not-so-near future a benefit show for Aaron Crozier (not sure what venue that's all about yet), a live performance on Double Helix television, an anticipated show with Bug at the Way Out Club, and a benefit show for Students for a Free Tibet, hopefully sometime in the Spring at Mississippi Nights. I hear that "Surkranikhan" wants to open for us sometime, too.

That's all the news for now, I guess. I have lots of homework I didn't do any of, and I'm going to bed now.

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