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The Bush-Mallard Of Wellston

I was making my way from one side of the Wellston Metrolink station to the other this morning, walking by a row of bushes that separates the drop-off lane from the parking lot, and was startled by a DUCK jumping out of the bushes as I passed. It took me a second to comprehend what had just happened; at first glance/scare I thought it was a pigeon or something but a split second later I was befuddled to see it was a duck. It took a few steps, didn't move too much. I passed it by and kept looking back, it seemed pretty confused. Aren't ducks supposed to be hibernating, or south for the winter, or something right now? He slowly stumbled around but seemed pretty disoriented. I wonder if he lives in those bushes or something?
Tags: birds, confusion, duck, metrolink

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