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Reed vs. Stephens

Last night we played some show in which we debuted all new material. It was pretty excellent; Dan Meehan (AKA Beastor-X) joined us on the tambourine for "Good Vibrations," and Russ Olson joined us on the xylophone for "Tell Him." We wanted Hannah Wolfe to join us on the flute for "Thumb," but unfortunately she couldn't make it to the show, and we hadn't practiced with her, like we wanted to. Mic Boshans unexpectedly joined us on drums for the unexpected encore of "Beat It" as well. All in all it was pretty good, though. Some bands played before us, and after us, the Pubes played. I'm a member of the Pubes now, by the way, but we haven't had the opportunity to practice enough in order that I might play a show with them just yet.

Tonight, I went to Lemmon's to see the Fantasy Four. I met Bill Michalski there, and we saw the Black Mollys (some KC band) whom I wasn't all that fond of, and then, of course, the Fantasy Four (with guest Matt Harnish on one song). Karen of the Fantasy Four (not to mention, Bunnygrunt--*swoon*) was wearing a Pubes T-Shirt, and I used that as an excuse to talk to her, all like "Yes, I'm in that band whose shirt you're wearing...sort of." Allegedly, (we) the Pubes are playing a show with the Fantasy Four in a handful of weeks--Hee hee!

I've also heard word that Bunnygrunt is going to regroup with a slightly changed lineup (that is, Marcia Pandolfi and James Weber's girlfriend, whose name escapes me currently, are going to replace Jen Wolfe). Hee hee!

That's about all the exciting news from me. Most of the rest is just boring stressful depression stuff. We are having a party this Saturday, though. If you're interested and not sure how to get here, leave some commentary and ask!

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