RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

St. Ferdinand

WORST Fish Fry I've ever been to, by far, for a lot of reasons I may go into later. Had a good group, though (Karen, Keith, Ken C., Bill M., Randi B.). I knew it wouldn't meet the hype, but I figured it'd still be a sweet fish fry to hit. NOPE. Fish Fry Club (which Karen wants to call "Squids" and for which we might get team KOOZIES!) will NOT be returning next year, or ever again, at any time. In fact I am peeved because I realize, the lenten season is short, we should have saved the spot given to St. Ferdinand, which we could go to any time of year to check out, for one of the many we will not be able to hit this year just due to availability.

I went to Novak's for the first time last night. Today I'm going to try and find pieces of a Bill Haverchuck costume for an '80s-themed Trivia Night, and renew my long-overdue-for-renewal SLCL card. Megan Harper and her boyfriend Gabriel are in town and we prank-called Kyle Mayer and Coire Reilly last night, hah hah.
Tags: fish fry, megan harper, novak's, trivia night

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