RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Schma-ha-ha-hap...DOT COM

Has anyone ever heard of, or used, Schmap.com?

It appears to be a tour guide service for various cities around the world, complete with pictures (drawn largely or exclusively from Flickr, it seems), featuring attractions, restaurants, events, hotels, parks, neighborhoods, and so forth. They had contacted me potentially interested in using a Flickr image of mine for their Chicago article on Hot Doug's, and then just yesterday they contacted me saying indeed they were using it.

I think that you can go to this specific Hot Doug's link to see my picture (which makes no sense unless you enlarge it), or just visit the original at its Flickr home.

I really have no idea how much prestige comes with this, but hey, someone liked my picture well enough to use it to make a place look appealing on the internet.

Ice cream for breakfast here shortly!
Tags: chicago, food & drink, hot doug's, map, pictures, schmap, travel, websites

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