RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Dang, You Missed It

Took 2nd place in Trivia at Newstead but not second to the team that'd been beating us all along. Didn't go with my gut and say definitively that John C. Reilly was in Days Of Thunder so we didn't get the maximum number of points we needed (by that same token if we'd guessed and gotten it wrong we woulda been in 3rd so NO BIGGZ).

AFTER THAT to the Hideaway, I figured it'd be a slow night but once again I was proven wrong, Krysta and her friend Tim brought some friends and Sara(h?) P. was there with her friend whose birthday it was. Ron drove Lauren and I there and Randi came later. Anyway Piano Bob had been sent home at 9:00PM because Al didn't think anyone was coming in (Hey Al, remember how we come in at 10:30PM, and pretty much never before that?), so the jukebox was playing upon our arrival. HOWEVER Al let me play the piano and sing, HAH HAH!

So (most of) you missed it, I was the featured pianist/singer at the Hideaway for a night. Yes, I played "Motor Away" by Guided By Voices (but my dream is still to get Bob to play it and have me sing it). Yes, Ron joined me for some Mustardfish classics (Concrete Blonde's "Joey," REM's "Orange Crush," The Exciters' "Tell Him," Eskimo Village's "I'm On Vacation," Al Martino's "Spanish Eyes," Beck's "Bogusflow"). Yes, I kept playing 'til they closed the bar (so, for like an hour and a half, maybe even closer to two hours). Yes, I even figured out "Easy" by The Commodores.

Tuesday night Hideaway nights are UNSTOPPABLE. Not even getting into a car crash and otherwise nigh-unnavigable streets could stop that train, apparently. Believe that.
Tags: music, newstead tower public house, ron warner, singing, the hideaway, trivia

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