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Songs I Wish I Wrote #2

Charlie Rich's "Love Waits For Me" from The Fabulous Charlie Rich (1969)

I didn't know if I'd ever do one of these again, but what the heck? Here I am.

This song is tight mostly because of its lyrics. It's on the more ballad-ish side of Charlie Rich (like all Charlie Rich, I guess, pretty much, more or less) but the subject matter is pretty priceless. Unfortunately it is the ONLY SONG from The Fabulous Charlie Rich whose lyrics I could not find online. I also can't find a YouTube video or anyplace where you can hear the song, and for that I am truly sorry.

However dudes this song is about some bus driver, who looks forward every day to picking up this one lady, who waits for the bus at the corner of 7th and Broadway. Dude was a southerner through and through (Arkansas represent), even if "Broadway" and being a city bus driver in general do evoke images of New York City (and, it is just a song).

Plus, it was written by Dallas Frazier, who also wrote that song "Alley Oop" that the Argyles, AKA the Hollywood Argyles, turned into a #1 hit back in '60. More in the "Love Waits For Me" vein, he was known for writing "There Goes My Everything," a Jack Greene tune from '66 that Elvis later covered (and which I sing almost every week at the Hideaway, incidentally). Frazier is still alive, a music industry expatriate and minister of some kind, apparently.

ANYWAY the tightest part of the song is this crazy crescendo where Charlie Rich starts singing about how he was daydreaming about this regular passenger of his bus route, and HE CRASHES INTO SOME OTHER CAR (EDIT: A taxi, to be exact!). Yep, in the middle of some schmaltzy country love song, Charlie Rich gets lost in his thoughts about the oh-so-beautiful bus-riding patron and CRASHES HIS BUS. Crashes the bus! And there is a SONG ABOUT THIS!

I almost want to write a sequel to this song, from the vantage point of other riders on the bus when the crash occurs; or maybe from that of Charlie Rich's boss who finds out about the crash and wants to fire the driver but dang he's a really good driver, just somewhat of a dreamer sometimes; or maybe even from the gal that Charlie Rich has a crush on, maybe completely oblivious to his longings or maybe even repulsed by him.

I am gonna admit, I don't even think this song is that spectacular, but I am 100% in love with the idea of writing a song that includes a bus driver crashing his bus cuz he's thinkin' about some lady. And that gels a-plenty with the title of the column, such as it is.

Anyway if you can find it, listen up. If you really wanna hear it, I can loan you the CD or play it when you come over to my house. Maybe if I ever do more of these I can make a CD of all of them for distribution to anyone that cares.

I'd say "listen and discuss!" if it wasn't so danged hard to find a copy of this song on the web-u-net.

Oh yeah, and if you wanna read that other one of these I did, it is over this-a-way.
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