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A New Years Memory

01/01/01 - Late at night, traipsing through the streets of downtown Brussels (Belgium) with Koji and Nils and Ron and probably a bunch of (other) strangers, shouting "Bonne Année" to everyone and no one, loudly and obnoxiously. Later we went to some second-story Greek restaurant. The recent rain glistened on the cobblestone streets and walkways all over the city. Earlier I danced atop a bar full of strangers at a place called JJ's for three hours straight. I wonder if I'll ever see Nils and/or Koji again, or what circumstances would surround that, or if they'd remember who I was (probably not on all counts, but who knows?). I think Ron and I had (at least some of?) our luggage with us cuz we were supposed to go to Thomas's the next morning. We set up in the foyer of a Fortis Banque in the early morning hours to keep warm, I passed out on some table in there while our wet socks hung over the radiator coils and we waited for Thomas to wake up or come home.

Dang, here is a patented jabberwocky-epic-length entry all about it (and more)!
Tags: belgium, new years eve, ron warner, travel

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