RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Christmas Eve, Eve

In case the notice got buried on your friendspage, under all those band-related MySpace bulletins, or just in the last LJ entry I made:

Join me for cheap drinks, hot dancing, and beautiful music, courtesy of ourselves (you and me and anyone else that wants to come--the more the merrier!) tomorrow night (Tuesday 12/23/08) at the Hideaway, 5900 Arsenal (JUST east of Hampton). Bob (the feller who plays piano there Tuesday nights) likes to let us sing, and it always makes the regular patrons happy when nice younger folk populate the place as such. If I get drunk enough quickly enough, you can assume I'll probably be buying rounds of Manhattans for everyone, strangers and otherwise.

We're likely to bust out a lot of Xmas songs ('Tis the season after all), but we/you can sing whatever you want, as long as Bob knows how to play it (his repertoire of the hit songs of yesteryear is staggering, and if the song is simple enough, I bet you could give him a chord progression and he could rock it easy). Bring a lyrics sheet, we won't judge. Heck, we'll have some of our own there for the general use.

I'm thinking 9PM. Get there, bring yer friends, and usher in Xmas with me, Bob, and whomever happens to be there that night!
Tags: dancing, drinking, singing, the hideaway

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