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Mickey Mantis

So I opened for Tami Hart tonight. It was f-ing radical. Visibility Troop didn't play, unfortunately, but at least Tami brought this other band, Rabino Rabinowitz, with her, and they were excellent as well. It was a most bitchin' show, and if you missed it, well, you're just another Shits McGee in a world of Shits McGees. You're also a sucker. And most likely a communist, too.

Russ Olson (the newest member of The Roadkill) joined me on one song, and it was all great or whatever. I must say, I really felt like Surkranikhan, what with this whole "new member dude just plays a song or two" thing. Actually, I didn't feel like Surkranikhan at all; I just now made the association in my head, while typing this.

Yes, it was a fantastic show, and to think, it all took place on what was more or less a whim. How absurd and wonderful. I had five (or was it six?) shots of jagermeister at the insistence of Amy (who so graciously hosted the event), and Russ drove us home, then we went to Tiffany's where I ordered some stuff I'd never tried before (and incidentally, prob'ly never will again), and now I'm all tired and half-drunk or whatever. I got rid of the last two Mustardfish mini-CDs, and the red&yellow buttons are very nearly gone (I think I have less than five left). I should order more. God only knows, in any case, what the hell Mustardfish merchandise had to do with tonight.

I wonder how many times I've changed the tentative track listing of Tennessee Plus Two. I guess that's why it's tentative, though. At least it gets better each time.

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