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Paul Velat, also known as Lord of the Yum-Yum, wrote a mini-opera with some help from myself in August of 2007. We later performed it, twice in St. Louis, and thrice in Chicago. You might have heard of me talk about it at various points as among the most entertaining, artistically fulfilling, and otherwise awesome things of which I've ever been a part. I wrote one of the songs, I sing it and one other song, and I created the voices for four distinct characters in the opera.

We had some video taken of one of the Chicago performances, and it has been edited and enhanced for your home viewing pleasure, now. DVDs are available, and contain a bonus feature or two for your added enjoyment.

Click on this thing to order one using PayPal or a credit card (CC on the left, PayPal on the right). All efforts to get 'em to ya by Xmas will be made, hah!

"Beneath the peaceful, placid surface, the eternal struggle for survival rages violently in the murky depths."
--Bud Van Lear
Tags: dvds, marlina, music, paul velat

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