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Today Could Last Another Million Years

Daxmas VII is pretty hot stuff dudes.

Unfortunately I probably won't make it to more than like one of the release shows; either other parties or other shows or both are occurring during many of them (and shleesh, there are like twice as many as usual this year, even though there aren't as many songs on this year's as last year's?), and for example next Thursday is apparently our bowling league holiday party.

Oh yeah, I beat my old bowling high score this past Wednesday by 10 points: I bowled a 195, dang! So close! (To a 200, I mean.) I think maybe I have this bowling thing figured out, or maybe as Switchblade suggested, the lanes weren't lubricated properly, or whatever.

Why aren't there more bowling alley venues? By that I mean, why aren't there any at all? Even Arcade Lanes was only marginally a venue (and burned to the ground under what I've heard are suspicious circumstances), and they don't really do shows at Fireside Bowl (in Chicago) anymore.
Tags: bowling, concerts, daxmas, music

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