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Half-Birthday Head-Shave

Friday night we shaved my head as part of Salon Miniscule. First one side, then the other, then the remaining mohawk-strip in the middle, with various other elements of the Salon happening between each segment. It proved pretty popular. I couldn't properly gauge responses of people because we were in the bathroom for the head-shave segments, and my glasses were off, and there are only a few portals of view for the bathroom there. Anyway, first we cut it all off, then this gal that came with Brian (Vittenson), Cara, BIC'd a portion of what remained. My head is all cold and I'm wearing lots of hats and it is awesome! Actually my neck feels the cold now more than my head does (but both do). Right in time for the cold winter, BRRRR! Some girl tried to say I should re-think my glasses now that I have the shaved head, but I thought, as Paul said, "on the contrary!"

Brian Vittenson and Sarah Truckey got some still and video evidence (not respectively) of this event and the resulting whatnot, that might surface someplace at some point.

Then next morning I took a bus to Ann Arbor, got a ride to Ypsilanti, and much fun was had at the Dreamland Theatre, the Tap Room, Biggie's, and the corner liquor store where some dudes got robbed at gunpoint. A magical weekend nonetheless, I got to do some puppetry for a Patrick Elkins puppet show and saw Yum-Yum's sock operetta, and met some people that know some people I know! And, not just Travis Bursik this time (though I did run into some Travis-Bursik-knowers). Hyuck!

Speaking of meeting people that know people I know, did I mention that I met Mic Boshans's girlfriend and she went to High School with, and knew my cousins--in Huntington Beach, California?

Just like last year, the Norwegian Society Dinner (which is $13 cheaper than it was last year) and my company holiday party are on subsequent days (not in that order). Unlike last year I have no date prospects for either!
Tags: ann arbor, brian vittenson, chicago, company party, dreamland theatre, haircut, lord of the yum-yum, megabus, norwegian society, patrick elkins, paul velat, puppet show, salon miniscule, sarah truckey, travel, travis bursik, ypsilanti

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