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Fancy Running Into You Again

Tonight I ran into Bart & Katie for the first time in perhaps as many as 4 or more years. Crazy! I love'm those dudes, they are marrying in January. I hope they took seriously my invitation to trivia tomorrow night as well. As should you: At the crazy soccer bar on Morgan Ford that opened up recently, at or before 8PM.

Squids took 2nd at Newstead--I was going it alone for the first round or two, then Autumn, then Switchblade, showed up. I have determined that Newstead Tower Pub is a wonderful, wonderful place for the following reasons:

1) $10 buckets of Stag (6 cans).
2) Tenacious Trivia Tuesday nights--the only place where Tenacious gets a little "scholastic"/"academic" as opposed to the "pop culture/entertainment" trivia they usually do. Plus Keith does it once in awhile.
3) I think a prerequisite to be on the staff there is "painful adorableness." And maybe "neck tattooed-ness" too.
4) It takes like 10 minutes more to train/bus there than it does just to drive. A mere 10 minutes!
5) All local/organic food!
6) Cheap beers outside of Stag.
7) Wood paneling.

Get there!
Tags: newstead tower public house, trivia

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