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Come To My Arms, My Sweet Miranda

Man my hair is getting long, too long. I want to cut it but I think that's gonna be a performance piece of sorts at the (especially appropriately-titled, in this case) Salon Miniscule of November 14th (my half-birthday coincidentally!). I need to book my bus for that weekend but I am waiting to find out if Taylor is shooting his movie (Garbage Monsters III: Creek Monsters II: Sewer Monsters) on the 16th or the 9th to figure out when I'm coming back. I might accompany Paul and Patrick to the throes of Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Michigan, that weekend (Saturday) if Taylor won't need/want me. I talked to Paul at some length yesterday, he appears to have much exciting stuff on the horizon, some of which may include myself.

DVDs of Paul and I's mini-opera, Marlina, will allegedly be available by December. IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS! They are of limited availability, and unlimited awesomeness, you bet.

Halloween: Dot's>>Newstead Tower Pub OR Trick-Or-Treating>>[CBGB>>]Beastor-X's. That party at Beastor-X's is gonna be phenomenal, you should all be there. I might play my third show in just over a month, there? That is scarcely the main reason it's gonna be the best party in town, though!

Day After Halloween: Maybe an emergency dentist visit (fierce toothache), Metrolink Prom.

Did I mention that I've uploaded a compressed version of my Dax-O-Ween track to the internet for your perusal? CDs including a better version of this, as well as 7 other finely-rocking tunes of local artists, can be acquired for $5 from MY OWN SELF!

Last night I started in to the first season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and it is so awesome. The kind of show where: I laugh because I know what's going to happen, I laugh as it's happening, and I laugh again when I think of it later. I guess you can say the S-word on F/X? That's news...I've seen movies on F/X where said word was "bleeped out."
Tags: beastor-x, googolplexia, halloween, party, patrick elkins, paul velat, salon miniscule, taylor ellison, travel

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