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Hayden @ Blueberry Hill's Duck Room In St. Louis, Missouri; 09/25/08

1. Home By Saturday
2. In Field & Town
3. More Than Alive
4. The Hazards Of Sitting Beneath Palm Trees
5. Dynamite Walls
6. Where And When
7. Let's Break Up!
8. Barely Friends
9. Lonely Security Guard
10. Did I Wake Up Beside You?
11. Hollywood Ending
12. Carried Away

13. Bad As They Seem
14. Stem
15. The Place Where We Lived
16. Trees Lounge

I am writing this up for the RFT blarg, so I won't go on about it here. As usual I will post that later. I saw Cara & Phil there, and Jaime L. & Sara P. (whose camera I borrowed, but I am pretty sure none of the pictures kept because there was no memory in the camera, whoops), and this gal...crap, I forgot her name again, she lives at the "Franklin House" out in St. Charles and I met her at Paul's last show in town, at Mic's house.
Tags: blueberry hill's duck room, concerts, hayden, jaime lees, music, rft, setlist

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