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So yesterday I got back from Chicago, where I went the day before.

I was originally planning on flying in on the 11:21 flight on Saturday morning, but instead decided to stay up all night on Friday night (that is, without going to bed) and catch the 07:13 flight instead. So I tried, and it was supposed to have 44 available seats (as was told me when I called about two hours before the flight left), but apparently some flight to El Paso or something was cancelled, and it was supposed to have this mission youth group on it, and they got re-routed. So, because of Jesus, I missed my flight. Thank you, Jesus. At least I got the next one out at 08:29, but still not soon enough to see Ben. I took the train, and was listening to Title TK, the new Breeders album, one last time in preparation for the concert that night. When the song "Off You" came on, there's that part that's like "I am the autum and [in?] the scarlet, I am the makeup on your eyes," and between "scarlet" and the following "I," the CTA doors opened, or closed, or did whatever they do when they make that two-tone ding-dong thing, and it was exactly in tune and in time with the music. It was amazing. Anyway, I went to Ben's, and I crashed at his place from noon 'til about 17:00, when I woke up and got myself to the Metro show. There was no line when I showed up, which I thought strange, given that I was either right on time or a little early (around 18:30). I went in, and immediately saw the Visibility Troop girls, and hung out with them for the entire show; later also seeing Pat and Ryan of the PTA. Bratmobile opened, which was an unexpected surprise (as all surprises tend to be, I suppose), and they were energetic if nothing else, and then Imperial Teen played and they were really righteous. And of course, the Breeders were damned awesome, as always. Ron made his presence known at the end of the show. Then we tried to meet the Deal sisters, and I saw Jose Medeles and Kelley Deal going to the bus, and Kim was never seen, but the VT people left and I went with whatever yeah yeah and got some pizza at Gino's East. Then I headed back to Ben's, where I saw him, after having stored my junk at his house all day. We woke up in the morning (Ben had to work, I had a 13:29 flight), ate some McDonald's, and I flew home (this time getting on the first attempted flight). Then last night I dawdled around for awhile, and saw the new version of Cinema Paradiso at the Tivoli, and it was three hours of greatness. I'd never seen it before, but this "51 added minutes of unseen footage" thing was pretty great and all.

Then I got home and of course retarded pot-smokers were all around. So I retreated to my room as usual, and watched Amélie 'til I fell asleep. I didn't plan on falling asleep, but then I woke up and it was like 07:30, and I just sorta got up and started goofin' off on the internet. Maybe I'll go back to bed for an hour before I get ready for work.

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