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Tom Waits @ The Fabulous Fox In St. Louis, Missouri; 06/26/08

I didn't make one myself, but I found this online and figured what the heck, I'll post it.

1. Lucinda
2. Way Down In The Hole
3. Falling Down
4. Black Market Baby
5. All The World Is Green
6. Heigh Ho
7. Get Behind The Mule
8. Day After Tomorrow
9. Cemetery Polka
10. Hang Down Your Head
11. Little Rain (For Clyde)
12. Lucky Day
13. Johnsburg, Illinois
14. Lost In The Harbour
15. Make It Rain
16. Lie To Me
17. On The Other Side Of The World
18. Singapore
19. Dirt In The Ground
20. What's He Building?
21. 16 Shells From A Thirty-Ought Six
22. Rain Dogs
23. Goin' Out West
24. Anywhere I Lay My Head
25. Innocent When You Dream

As you guys know, or as perhaps you don't, I have seen some incredible (or at least, some big-time, or at least, a lot of high-profile) shows this year. I think Tom Waits was perhaps the most special, and maybe the best, even if it wasn't necessarily my favorite. Maybe I'll revisit this topic when 2008 draws to a close. I've still got Hayden, Robert Pollard, David Byrne, et al to see, after all. I'm even thinking of making it out to see Neil Diamond.
Tags: concerts, music, setlist, show, the fox theatre, tom waits

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