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Dolly Parton @ The Fabulous Fox In St. Louis, Missouri; 08/14/08

I had no idea she was such an awesome multi-instrumentalist! I've included in parentheses notes about what instrument(s) she played during certain songs. She started out in this awesome purple sequin dress.

1. Two Doors Down
2. Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Like That
3. Jolene
4. Thank God I'm A Country Girl (John Denver; fiddle, banjo, harmonica)
5. I'm Little But I'm Loud (Little Jimmy Dickens; banjo)
6. Backwoods Barbie
7. Drives Me Crazy (Fine Young Cannibals; rhinestone guitar)
8. Shattered Image (dulcimer)
9. Coat Of Many Colors (autoharp)
10. Only Dreamin' (pan pipes)
11. Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show (interspersed with a gospel medley containing "When The Saints Go Marching In," "Lifted Up," "Give Me That Old-Time Religion," and others)

INTERMISSION (after which she re-emerged wearing a shiny black blazer over a new silvery dress)

12. Baby I'm Burnin'
13. Better Get To Livin'
14. Shinola
15. Do I Ever Cross Your Mind (a cappella with harmonies by all the guys in her band)
16. Little Sparrow
17. Here You Come Again
18. Islands In The Stream
19. 9 To 5
20. I Will Always Love You

SORT OF AN ENCORE (she only left the stage for like 15 seconds):
21. Jesus & Gravity

Tags: concerts, dolly parton, music, setlist, show, the fox theatre

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