RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Tom Petty @ Riverport In Maryland Heights, Missouri; 08/07/08

1. You Wreck Me
2. Listen To Her Heart
3. I Won't Back Down
4. Even The Losers
5. Free Fallin'
6. Mary Jane's Last Dance
7. End Of The Line (Traveling Wilburys)
8. Breakdown
9. Saving Grace
10. A Face In The Crowd
11. Honey Bee
12. Learning To Fly
13. Don't Come Around Here No More
14. Refugee

15. Runnin' Down A Dream
16. Gloria (Van Morrison/Them)
17. American Girl

Yeah dudes Bill and I went, we paid approximately $17.50/ticket, it ruled.

It is awesome to see a front-man who can hold his own with the hot guitar licks. Dave Mustaine is probably the best example of this that I've seen thus far (good lord does he SHRED), but Petty was impressive.

Tags: bill michalski, concerts, music, riverport, setlist, show, tom petty

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