RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Oh, I'm A Humdinger.

So there was some crazy swing dance last night with a brief lesson thing before it, all at the Casa Loma Ballroom, and Sarah Truckey and I went after eating at El Bronco. It was pretty tight! I have never in my life swing-danced before. I am like a swing dancing prodigy though, dudes. Sarah (who was all WORRIED that I wouldn't be GOOD enough for her experienced self, and crap) even said so.

Emily and Lizzy Snider were there cuz they won tickets on DANGEROUS CURVES but they didn't dance at all. Jen (still don't know her last name!) came and she did dance, my 10-minute lesson earlier on allowed me to be able to show her how to do it, and later some guy asked her to dance hah hah awesome. It was actually pretty crowded in there, by people of all ages. SouthSideSara and Kevin were there, Kevin played sax in Ms. Jubilee And The Humdingers. Later The Continental Boys (I think all members of Scott Kay & The Continentals?) played.

The Casa Loma is an amazing place, I kinda want to go to dances there all the time now? We are already planning on going to maybe some Mexican dances, maybe a Ballroom Dancing thing (also accompanied by a free lesson at the start).

I need to do some yardwork/cleanin' up today but I fear that based on how I feel right now (lazy, and it's hot outside) that might not even happen. Ugh it is so hot out there. Last time Paul played my house it was nice cuz he helped me clean this jynt up beforehand (Courtney, too, was there helping). This time, I was excited (hah) cuz Patrick is coming with him, but they are not even going to be here until halfway through the party, dang! Looks like I'm the lone ranger on this one.
Tags: casa loma ballroom, pphq, sarah truckey

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