RØB Severson (jabberwocky) wrote,
RØB Severson

Up Here Alone

I haven't worked out at all, let alone regularly for probably the better part of two months or something, maybe more. I still dutifully bring my workout gear to work daily. So much for that fringe benefit.

Speaking of fringe benefits they are letting us purchase monthly Metro-passes through our work, pre-tax, which is nice. I suspect even if I use the thing like twice a week (round trip), I'll be saving money (it costs $60 for the entire month, and one gasoline fill-up, which I tend to have to do once about every six days, costs approximately the same).

Since the advent of 2008, I have acquired (through purchase or receipt) 96 recordings, mostly on compact disc, beginning, though, with a vinyl copy of December's Children (And Everybody's) by the Rolling Stones purchased on January 7th, and last ending with the Irma Thomas collection called Time Is On My Side on CD, received on July 14th. I have read 21 books, beginning with Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics, which I finished on January 7th, most recently started my 22nd, Amy Bloom's Away. I have watched 70 movies starting with a New Year's Day evening show of Juno at the Tivoli and ending most recently with a matinee of The Dark Knight at the Hi-Pointe (not all 70, and not even a majority of the 70, were at movie theatres, though), from which I returned only moments ago. I have seen 204 (more, since I didn't count the ones I was watching while working out, for example) episodes of television of varying lengths, starting with some Addams Family on New Years Day and coming to some Degrassi Junior High earlier today. My bowling average has stayed in the mid-110s, but for my last 20 games it is more like 120, and my league average is closer to 125 (Saratoga's pins are kind to me).

I also made a new best friend but have since apparently alienated this person so badly that he or she won't even talk to me long enough to tell me why he or she won't talk to me, anymore, for the past month or so, maybe longer.

I know mid-year's is a little bit past, now. Has it been a productive year so far?
Tags: 2008, books, bowling, cds, friends, mid-year's, movies, music, saratoga lanes

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