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Didn't Ask

Yes, it's true! I'm updating!

I mean, hello. I recently scanned and added a ton of pictures to the Mustardfish STLPunk site, most of them at least mildly amusing. Check 'em out. We're verified members of that site now.

Also, speaking of Mustardfish, we have a show coming up with our friends the PTA; it's this coming Tuesday (in two days) at the Way Out Club, 2525 S. Jefferson, across from Burger King. It should be some fun; the PTA are always a good time.

I'm at work now. Working here is great; you get to eat all the junk food you want. I had a roll of little chocolate Hostess Donuts and some Hot Chocolate this morning first thing, followed by some tacos, some ice cream, some Ho-Hos, some gumballs, and who-knows-what else? It's great, dude.

Last night I went to this show at the Rocket Bar. It was the Phonocaptors, some band whose name I forget, and Radio 4. Megan called me up shortly before we went and we went. I had already acquired a ticket to see Audition at the Tivoli at midnight, so we left at about 11:50PM, and that was too bad cuz the band rocked, but if I'm to see every midnight movie this summer, I'd have had to see that one this week (i.e., last night), given that I'll be in Chicago next weekend. Audition was creepy...very creepy. Many things about it were Barfs McGees. It was, however, well-done, and quite intriguing. Not quite what I expected given all the hype, though it did raise some interesting questions.

Yes, as I said, I'm going to Chicago next weekend to see the Breeders, live. I'm hoping it rocks. I can't imagine it won't.

In August, I'm going to New York to visit Brad and Martha, and also, to see They Might Be Giants play a free show in Central Park for their 20th anniversary. That should be pretty f-in' excellent.

And don't forget, The Man Without A Clue will be showing on the big screen (Winifred Moore Auditorium, 470 East Lockwood in Webster Groves) on July 27th at noon, in a program of short films as a part of the SLIFF-sponsored St. Louis Local Filmmakers Showcase. If you're wondering what the hell The Man Without A Clue is, it's a film I made.

I got the new RHCP album the day it came out, and it was only ten bucks. On that day only. Also for ten dollars were Californication and Blood Sugar Sex Magic so I bought both of those as well. It was great. I enjoy the new album.

I also got Brendan Benson's new album, f-in' FINALLY. Sheesh. It sounds all right so far, but somehow, I don't think it's any One Mississippi (which Streetside apparently has a copy of, incidentally).

And I went with Lauren to see the St. Louis stop of the OOPS! tour at the Creepy Crawl on Thursday night. Unfortunately, I had to work, so we didn't show up 'til after Erase Errata, The Flying Luttenbachers, and Lightning Bolt had already played. I could have done without Arab On Radar and more especially the Locust, but whatever. It was nice to see so many people I knew there, like Lexie, who I talked to for awhile. Afterwards, Jaffa and Lauren and I went to 7-11 cuz they were giving away free 7.11oz. Slurpees for their 07/11 birthday, and then we saw Lexie as we drove back close by the Creepy Crawl, and picked her up, and went to Tangerine for awhile, then left Lexie there and went to Tiffany's for food. It was a fun night in spite of our tardiness.

Once again, sorry to anyone that showed up for that show at Coffee With The Stars Café on Friday, if in fact anyone did. I'm at least just as mad as you are, I promise.

In the event that you, for whatever reason, decided to be some jackass and NOT click on the above flyer link, I'm forcing you to see it here:

'Til next time.

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