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Bl'Oofs McNary

So remember those flyers I posted here, there, and basically everywhere? Not to mention the repeated verbal (to the point of abusive) reminders of a show that was to happen tonight at Coffee With The Stars?

Yes, well, in fact, the fucking bitch that owns that goddamned tacky-ass junk joint apparently doesn't even remember ever booking me. I remember watching her write "Mustardfish" in her planner, and later amend that to "Rob Severson," and later still, amend that to "Rob Severson and Prune Bill" (or something like that). I know that Ron was with me on at least one, but possibly two or even all three of these occasions.

That she didn't call me to tell me as much is not only insulting, it's one of the most unprofessional acts committed against me, ever. In a lot of ways, even before now, Donna Linn reminds me of Stacy McMackin (or "McCrackin" as we liked to call her) in her unorganized, unprofessional ways. Well, at least when the "Bill & RØB" show does happen, it'll be in a better venue. Because it will happen. Of that there is no doubt.

Maybe we can just wait until "Coffee With The Stars Café" becomes something else. I mean, it's bound to happen within the next few months or so. Especially given its owner's affinity for being an entire dumbass.

I'll keep y'all updated on the reschedule, of course.

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