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In fact, the Fantasy Four did not play on Friday night, but rather on Saturday night. And I saw them.

After I got off of work (where I made mini-flyers for the Mustardfish/PTA show on July 16th at the Way Out Club--be there), I went to Dutchill Downs for what I can guess is likely the last time, to take some stick tack off the walls and see if there was anything worth saving. I found a shoe rack in the living room and a music page-holder in Rhett's room, and a wicked milk crate in the Florida room. There are some folding chairs there, and those are the only things I can see going back for. I'll have to ask my parents if they're through with the house yet or not, though. I went back to work (I'd left the printer running on those flyers while I ran to Dutchill Downs really quickly) and waited a little bit longer for them to finish printing out. Then I went to Kinko's to use their paper cutter. Then I went home to change my clothes, then to The 2Keys House for the Corbeta Corbata, Pubes, and Nineteen show (Nineteen's album release show and Corbeta's demo release). I saw Corbeta Corbata play, and they're really pretty great. I was surprised and delighted to see types like Claire and Ingelise of the Clox there, and of course folks like Peat Henry and Megan McCaul were there. I left after buying Nineteen's CD (out of support more than an actual like for the band, but I'll get to that in a second) and Corbeta's demo, and seeing CC play. I wanted to see the Fantasy Four, and I wanted to see The Princess Bride at the Tivoli at midnight, and my voice went out yesterday morning and had been cracking and generally sounding stupid all day. I think it's getting better now. In any case, everyone was wondering why I was leaving, and I didn't really want to say that it's cuz I don't much care for Nineteen. Terribly nice guys, all three, if a little misguided, but the bottom line is, I think their music is pretty incessant and boring. I haven't seen them live yet, and someday I'm sure I will, but when it comes down to it, I'd most certainly rather see my favorite local band than one that I don't even much like the music of. Besides, I bought the CD. Whatever. I wanted to see the Pubes, who had just started as I was leaving, but again, I wanted to see the Four more.

So I did. Amy was there (working?) and I gave her flyers to our (well, my) upcoming shows, but she's unavailable for either (as are so many--June and July are busy show months this year). In any case, I got there as the opening dude was sorta finishing up, though he sounded pretty good. I didn't stay for the Ambassadors, whom I'd have liked to see. I was keen on seeing The Princess Bride in the large auditorium, though.

So I saw The Princess Bride, and mostly went to bed after that. Now I'm at work, and JRIII and I just set off a ton of fireworks. There was a bird in the shed, and we lit seven smokebombs and closed the door. After that was over, they were none too hesitant on flying the hell outta there.

Tonight, I thought about doing laundry, but I don't have a basement key (still). That's a "thing to do" on tomorrow's list. So maybe Lizz and I will hang out or something. God only knows.

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