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I'm Not Spartacus.


So today turned out to be something of a bummer. I woke up around 11:00AM, bummed around bigtime for awhile--that is, watched some Mr. Show, and some Monty Python's Flying Circus, then I went to see 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Hi-Pointe at 2:00PM, and as always, it blew me away. Then I was supposed to meet Jaffa & Co. at my place to go downtown, but I called her after getting home (5:00PM or so) and apparently plans had changed, but nobody was sure to what. I watched some more Mr. Show, and some more Flying Circus (in fact, I'm now the only person I know to have seen every episode of this latter), and fell asleep at some point while waiting for Jaffa to call (though I kept the portable phone by my bed so I would hear if someone called). Someone called, but when I answered, they didn't respond. Then I woke up, and was watching more of the aforementioned TV (as it exists committed to DVD), and then Jaffa called, and it was around 9:00PM. She had apparently called earlier, but no one had answered. Silly Jaffa: Leave a message! Always! But no matter. They were apparently in Kirkwood seeing fireworks, and I called some other folks, some of whom were in Webster Groves to see fireworks, and some of whom were in West County doing nothing, and some of whom I left messages for. Well, I ended up just downing some peach vodka and some Woodchuck Cider and sitting around doing nothing. It was a little disappointing, but then again, who cares?

Tomorrow, Bill & I practice again. It's always a great time. The Fantasy Four play the Hi-Pointe tomorrow night and that should be rad-tastic. I guess I'll see Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Festival of Animation tomorrow night at midnight. I also work tomorrow from 4:00PM (or really whenever I decide to go in) 'til close. I need to get another copy of The Man Without A Clue for the final version that's to be screened on July 27th at noon at Winifred Moore auditorium (you all should be there--I can get advance tickets for you if you like, to that or any of the local filmmakers showcase programs).

Yes, and I just spent the last little while rearranging my video collection. How boring could I be, really?!

I need White Stripes tickets and "Ultimate Sunshine" tickets and "Oops" tour tickets and Chuck Berry tickets. Well, at least one of each, I guess.
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