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See those glasses in the userpic accompanying this entry? You know the ones. They're featured in just about every picture taken of me in the past seven years or something. They've defined my face for a gall-durn'd generation. I've had them for a solid quarter of my life. Many/most of you never knew me without them. I had them replaced twice, first when Nick Zammas stole them (he later denied it but I do know better!), the most recent time in 2003 or so, when one of Jessica Seratti's friends mysteriously made off with them during one of her little get-togethers (I was wearing contacts those two days and left the glasses in the bathroom at our old apartment both times--who steals someone's glasses from their apartment? Honestly? Just a testament to how awesome they were, though). They're the ones where, when I called FramesDirect.com to ask them what was wrong with my order, in response to a message they left on my machine, the lady on the other end said "Oh, you know what, we had called to tell you that design was no longer in stock, but we actually found ONE LAST PAIR of this design in our warehouse." They're the ones that strangers would compliment me on because they were so sweet.

Take a good long look at that picture, or any of the danged pictures here that feature me wearing glasses (but not costume- or sunglasses), because you will probably never see them again! My eyeglasses jynt BROKE THEM and apparently IRREPARABLY SO. Guys I am so crestfallen about this, that I have contacted Converse (who made the glasses) directly. The people who broke 'em offered me any frames they've got in-house free of charge. If I could find this model online somewhere (pretty sure they're long gone), I would order them there and make them pay for them. Argh I have not been this confusedly angry in awhile.

So yeah they were Converse All-Star glasses, and their glasses have all these funny names. Those in particular were called "Boo" and their color was "black tobacco." If anyone knows how I might go about getting another pair, I'd be grateful. FramesDirect suggested I go to Wal-Mart or CostCo as that's where all of their discontinued frames go, but that's probably a little bit "needle in a haystack," don't you think?

I realize people change glasses all the time, but man, I was pretty much expecting to go to my grave with those bad boys. I just don't know what to do/think anymore!

RIP I guess, dudes. You can see the stars on them better in this picture (courtesy of Archive.org and FramesDirect.com):

Tags: annoying, converse, glasses

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