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Temp Check!

It is currently 67°F ("Feels Like 67°F") outside here. By midnight tonight, less than 12 hours from now, it is supposed to be 22°F ("Feels Like 4°F"). By this standard, the perceived temperature is supposed to drop over sixty degrees Fahrenheit before the day is through!

My friend at work has a thermometer/clock thing and whenever it is super-hot or super-cold inside, we cry TEMP CHECK! and he checks the temperature and reports it. Earlier today it was 84.4°F in here. It has been super-hot like this every day for weeks. Of course they choose today, when it's supposed to get down to a theoretical 4°F later on, to do something about it and...turn on the A/C?

Well, it is 67°F outside, I guess. That won't last long, though!
Tags: weather

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