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Fwest Wenn Ohl

First of all, is anything going on for the 4th of July? I haven't really talked to anybody about stuff going down, but I assume SOMEBODY is gonna do SOMETHING exciting (that is, NOT going down to the racetrack and some barbecue with racecar drivers or whatever). I mean, I was just gonna Metrolink it down to the riverfront, watch Smokey Robinson play some songs, get drunk under the arch, and Metrolink it back home after the fireworks. Who's in? I had fun last year with my now-roommate, my former roommate, Jaffa, and Emily. I oughta call Jaffa, I reckon. Oh, I do plan on seeing 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Hi-Pointe at 14:00. That's all, though.

Also, last night I saw Surkranikhan at Frederick's, and I think they're just flat out too big for that place. It was a good show nonetheless. On the way to it, I passed January Ave. and was reminded that Pat's surprise party was last night as well. I figured I'd stop by either before or after Surkranikhan's set, depending on when they played (when I got there, the first band was about ¾ done). Then Surkranikhan ended up going next (by virtue of a coin toss, no less), so I watched 'em. Then before the next band went on, I left, unfortunately. I hate leaving shows early, pretty much no matter what, but I seem to have been doing it with a relative frequency lately. Yuck. Anyway, I was feeling sick and I had tons of work left to do for my David Lynch class, plus I wanted to stop by the party really quickly, so I did. I only stayed maybe 2 minutes; just long enough to say hello, hand out a flyer or two for the July 12th show (see below for the flyer I was handing out), say happy birthday, and leave. It was sorta shitty; I didn't even mince words with Travis, I hope he and everyone else forgive me, but I was getting nauseous and stressed and there was basically just some big "get outta here" about the whole "I'm not at home working on what I should be working on" thing. So, I'm sorry, guys. I hope you'll forgive me and come to the show anyway, cuz I think it's gonna be super-fun.

Tonight, after getting out of class (we watched Eraserhead, and it was wicked as usual), I went to the Way Out A)To scope the place out, since we have a show there on July 16th (with the PTA), and B)Since I'd received a flyer at the collectible personalities release show at the Hi-Pointe a week and a half ago or so, for the show that happened tonight at the Way Out (it was the Phonocaptors, who played the aforementioned Hi-Pointe show; and ResistAll, whom I'd seen with Surkranikhan once, and who're apparently friends with my roommate; and the Dead Celebrities). It was a little strange; I knew absolutely nobody there (as opposed to the first time I saw the Fantasy Four in concert, where I didn't really know anyone, but I saw Glasses Dude and some other local favorites that I at least recognized). The only person I'd ever seen before was, well, the members of ResistAll and the Phonocaptors, whom I don't really know, and the guitarist for the Dead Celebrities seemed familiar. Oh, and the guy that took my money at the door at Frederick's last night. He was there. However, I didn't have a single conversation while I was there, I just sat at some table and watched the bands. It was kind of nice, being in this alternate world where nobody knows you, and vice versa.

As Lost might say: That's all for now.

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