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So this weekend was pretty nice. I went to Chicago, and hung out with Jaime, and basically wasted lots of time sleeping (I guess I needed it). It was altogether pretty productive as far as relaxing went, though (my main reason for going, really). I enjoyed my time there.

On one of the days, I wore my "I [HEART] STL" T-Shirt from the guys at Must...Rock! and I got the following (non-exclusive) comments on it:

  • The guy, asking rhetorically after passing in the street: "You love who?"

  • The teenage-like guy, as he passed on the crosswalk: "SAINT LOUIEEEE!!!!"

  • The guy and the girl in line for the Sears Tower Skydeck:
    GIRL: Are you from St. Louis?
    ME: Yes, I'm from St. Louis.
    GIRL: So are we.
    GUY: What part of St. Louis?
    ME: University City.
    GUY: Ahh, I'm from around UMSL.
    GIRL: I'm actually from Wentzville. [note: Wentzville is a suburb about 45-60 minutes away from St. Louis proper]
    ME: How 'bout that!

  • Woman passing by at Taste of Chicago: "Saint Louis!"

  • Guy walking around at Taste of Chicago: "Hey, you from St. Louis?"
    ME: Yeah, dude!
    GUY: Awww, tight, where you from?
    ME: University City area.
    GUY: Ahh, I go to Harris-Stowe State College!
    ME: Ahh, right on!
    GUY: Man, St. Louis is the shit!
    ME: IndeeD!

  • Girl at Pizza booth at Taste of Chicago: "Okay, so what's 'S-T-L'?"
    ME: St. Louis!

  • Guy at Taste of Chicago: "Hey, St. Louis!"
    ME: [gives thumbs up sign]

  • Guy on Navy Pier: "St. LOUis!!"
    ME: That's right!
    [I think this next part happened, anyway]GUY (after having passed me): Man, I'm 'bout ta beat your ass! [Then again, maybe it was some other guy with him, saying it to him, I couldn't see or otherwise tell.]

  • Kids on Navy Pier:
    DRUNK GUY: I love...S-T-Ds?

  • More kids on Navy Pier: "Hey, we love St. Louis, too!"
  • Girl up by live band on Navy Pier: Well, basically she came up and we had some long discussion about where I got the shirt and how she was from St. Louis but goes to school in New York, where many people that she knew would likely be surprised and all "hey!" about the shirt.

  • Girl passing by as exiting Navy Pier (mouthing/whispering to herself with furrowed brow, as if deep in concentration): "I love"...(then gaining a face of acceptance and recognition, starting to smile)..."Seattle" (nods head)

  • This is only a handful of the most memorable occurrences that resulted in my wearing the shirt. It was pretty great.

    Yes, and having returned home to find no car around, I had my roommate drive me out to West County so I could get it (after having called Adam Kinney to make sure it was in my driveway), and when I got to it, it was full to the brim with boxes of junk that my mother neglected to go through with me on Friday morning, even though we were supposed to. Consequently, there is a lot of junk I don't want whatsoever in the boxes, and most of them are actually still in my car, but I'm lazy and I wanted to see the Star Death with In Media Res at Fort Gondo tonight, but that turned out to be a big "too bad," I guess.

    It appears as though Mustardfish has become a sort of local hot topic. On returning home, I found that the Visibility Troop and the PTA are interested in playing shows with us, and that Aaron Crozier is willing to give the middle finger to Sally T's if they try to disallow him the final say in who plays (that is, he's suggested us and apparently Sally T doesn't care for "cover bands") the benefit for his upcoming 35mm motion picture, Grumboon.

    In any case, we'll prob'ly be playing with the PTA on July 16th at the Way Out, and hopefully again at Sally T's on September 24th (most likely with the BaySayBoos, and also, whoever else Aaron picked), and sometime between now and then with the Visibility Troop (most likely at the Hi-Pointe given the fact that Amy thereof works there from time to time--hopefully, Lisa [owner/manager of the Hi-Pointe] doesn't hate us for not showing up for the June 20th show that we told her we couldn't play, but that was advertised on her site and in the RFT anyhow). God only knows.

    Also, I, like Ron, have this weird post-performance disposition; I first noticed it in piano recitals from years and years ago. It's hard to explain: there's some sort of exhiliration (sp?) in playing a show or even watching someone else play a show, but after the fact of you having done it yerself, you just feel weird. And by "you," I mean "I." So, sorry to all of our fan-types who thought I was being some jackass, and sorry I didn't get to see Jaffa & Co. after the show, and sorry to CJ and Lindsay of VT who hung around outside for awhile but ultimately had to leave before our set finally started (I'm not even sure when it did actually start) and sorry to Coire for being some fuckface who stayed in town for three extra days just to see us, and then not showing up at all. That's right, you're some basterd. And thanks, of course, to Emily G. & Lizz E. and the company they managed to drag out to the show. And thanks to Courtney Klein and Ana Peters & Co. who came but couldn't stay due to lack of funds. And of course, finally, thanks to the bands that played with us (Technician, Dysrhythmia, The Conformists, and Yowie) and Jeff and the Creepy Crawl for having us. In spite of the disappointment that I experienced on certain levels, it was still our most important show, and I think in that respect we did all right. I just hope they ask us back someday, or at least let us back.

    Maybe I'll try and clear off my bed, and just friggin' pass out in it now. Good grief; I've already wasted enough time posting when I shoulda been unloading my chock-full-of-boxes car.

    Did I mention that I think the Bill & RØB show on July 12th at Coffee With The Stars Café is going to be really really great?

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