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"From Where Haileth Thou?"

You guys mighta known by now that I am big into genealogy, and yes it is probably a byproduct of having been raised Mormon and/or close to lots of family (or perhaps just having lots of family). I finally remembered to ask my Mom (and Dad, by proxy--he was sitting in the room with her as we spoke over the phone) point-blank what the various percentages of heritage were that make up myself. The results were not surprising, and coincided almost exactly with what I pretty much guessed (like, I asked her "am I this?" and the answer was "yes...wait...yes, that's right"). WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, DUDES! This is more or less exactly my cultural blueprint:

25% - Norwegian
25% - German
12.5% - Finnish
12.5% - Belgian (Wallonie)
12.5% - Welsh
12.5% - English

Dang dudes that's an awful lotta Northern Europe, ya know? Most of my ancestors were still over there until sometime in the (early) 20th century.

What are you? I want to know! In fact to increase the potential response, and since everyone knows they're just so darned fun, I'm going to make a poll:

Poll #1099956 From Where Haileth Thou?

What is your ancestral make-up, in 255 characters or less? (Feel free to comment further in the...uhh...comments.)

By the way the icon I used for this entry is one I made awhile back, mostly because all of the flags involved are red, white, and blue and somehow related to my heritage/life! I guess I could incorporate the Finnish and English flags and still not really have to add any more colors, but you only get 100×100 pixels, don't you know. Interestingly, the Belgian and German flags are comprised of the same colors as one another (black, red, yellow). The Welsh flag, however, deviates insofar as it is white, green, and red, and has a DRAGON(and not just some stripes/lines/crosses) on it! Flags with dragons are mighty awesome!
Tags: ancestry, countries, family, flags, genealogy, heritage, nationalities, poll
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