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So my scanner works again, and I can get some real (as opposed to crappy webcam) pictures up here, and everywhere else, for that matter.

I do, however, have to figure out how to use this whole ftp thing, though. I have some server space through school (to my knowledge, unlimited space), but don't quite understand how to work with it.

Today I went to PrideFest 2002 in Tower Grove Park with Jaffa, Emily, Emily's sister Lizzy (Lissy? I haven't QUITE figured it out), Laurie, and Chelsea. It was some good fun, we saw Visibility Troop and The Bruises play, and then saw Jill Sobule play and she's got an incredibly cool (in a sometimes haunting sort of way) voice. I made a Visibility Troop T-Shirt that I wore all day, though I printed the design on what appears to have been a too dark T-Shirt (kelly green). Well, I'll retry on white. This iron-on T-Shirt manufacturing is tricky business, I tell you. But made cooler by virtue of the fact that I've now got a working scanner. Anyway, we all went to South City Diner after that and had a Grand old time (no pun originally intended, but fully applied upon realization of said pun's humoristic value).

Then later on, I went to see Better Off Dead at the Tivoli at midnight. They started to run it, but there was no sound, so they stopped it immediately. It was something like 30-40 minutes before they finally got it started. I went with Amanda and some of her work friends showed up in due time. I also saw DMike there and wonder how long he actually stayed. That'll make more sense in a minute. So, around 12:35AM or so, they finally got the reel working, sound and all. At some point about half an hour into the movie, the film broke, and there was another 10- to 15-minute intermission as they spliced the reel back together. Then, much later in the movie, JUST at the climactic point right after the Camaro gets finished and Lane (Layne?) is about to race the Japanese guys for the last time, the film broke again, and so not only did we have to wait 15 minutes 'til it got back on, due to splicing error and whatnot, the whole part was sort of missed. Bummer. Good thing I've seen it before, though. In any case, the movie didn't get out 'til like 2:45AM or something, in spite of supposedly starting at midnight and with a running time of an hour and a half. Yeah, it sorta blew, but at least I got to see it and therefore won't have to next weekend. Plus, the movie rocks. Guess it sucks I had to miss the Flamerz, but I'd have missed the movie altogether as I plan on being in Chicago for the better part of next weekend.

So if you look back several days, you'll see entries in journals such as Dan's and Ron's about how radical St. Louis is. Well, I reckon I oughta take this opportunity to agree wholeheartedly. In fact, I have trouble being able to truly and comprehensively evince exactly what makes it so great. Maybe it's cuz it's mine. All I know is, I came to the realization of how great I think it is the other night while sitting on the back porch, just staring into space. Forget, indeed, those bozos who say junk like "I hate St. Louis." Leave, if you're unpleased or displeased or what have you. St. Louis rocks as much as or moreso than any city on any map. The things you get bored with here, you'll get bored with as easily in any other city. It's only a matter of time. A city is what you make of it. If you can't realize that St. Louis is worth making something great out of, at least on a personal level, get the hell out, for everybody's sake.

Which reminds me: If you hadn't already, you can now pretty much discount lists I've made in the past of this journal (the cool cities, cool people, and favorite movies lists come to immediate mind in particular).

So, yes. Accompanying this journal entry should be the first of the "new" pictures...if I can figure out how to ensure that a given picture is posted with a given entry. Stay tuned.

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