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Netflarx, Revisited

So today was the do-or-die, cancel-or-continue day for Netflix. I was about to go through with the cancellation, but luckily Netflix was so die-hard about keeping me on as a customer (wouldn't you be?) that even when I clicked a button that said "Yes, continue with my cancellation" (after checking a "check this box to agree with Netflix's terms of service" box, no less), they said "but wait, maybe you just want to downgrade?"

FINE, Netflarx, FINE. I will just downgrade. So, I'm still subscribing, but only for the $4.99/month level, where I can have 2 DVDs a month, one at a time. I figure it'll be a good, cheap way to keep the account active for some later point of my life where I decide I need a higher subscription level, and it'll be a good way to snag the odd video that I can't actually find at the library.

Anyway, I was instructed to offer this gobbledygook link to anyone wishing to be my NETFLARX friend! Click it and join my Netflarx "community" or whatever.
Tags: dvds, movies, netflarx, netflix

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