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Songs I Wish I Wrote #1

Hayden's "Hollywood Ending" from Elk-Lake Serenade (2004)

Dudes this song is just so tight. You only get one verse at first, then it's a bunch of happy pathogenic da-da-da singing, then suddenly a sweet TRUMPET SOLO WAHOO! Also: when did Hayden start writing upbeat tunes like this? Not that it's a bad thing, and yes, I realize this album was released three and a half years ago, even though it remains Hayden's most recent studio LP effort, and yes, I realize that he preceded it with a variety of similarly-upbeat songs on this and other albums. Obviously there are sad undertones in the sorta lazy shuffle of the song's rhythm section, and of course Hayden's trademark gravelly drawl which has never lent itself to a Broadway role in West Side Story or anything, but which is, of course, beautiful in another way entirely. Man, Hayden is seriously like Canada's national songwriting treasure--with apologies to Neil Young, Paul Anka, Geddy Lee, and Burton Cummings. Don't forget to listen hard to the lyrics on this one, their twist is loads of fun (helped in no small part by that vocable chorus and liberal happy trumpeting), even if the sense of longing transmitted therein is also along the lines of the typical "winter-music" (as my old roommate Coire thought Hayden to be) that Hayden has, more or less, become known for (that is, if he's become known for anything at all). The imagery created by the lyrics is, as always with Hayden, spot on--here in that falsely-nostalgic way!

Listen and DISCUSS!

Also since polls are just fun (come on, aren't they?) and I really don't know the answer to this question (so I leave it up to you people who actually have to/want to read this journal):

Should I Make This A Regular "Column" On This Piece? By "Regular," Of Course, I Mean "Whenever I Think Of Something I Consider To Be Noteworthy In This Vein, Which Could Easily Be Never Again," And By "Piece," I Mean "Journal."

Yeah it's coo' I guess, or at least innocuous enough that you may as well.
Naw it's sorta weak, and I'd probably skip most entries of this ilk. Plus, you think it's kind of an interesting/worthwhile idea now, but soon you'll just be thinking "what was I thinking?"
Who cares? Where's that pizza, again?
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